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Landscape Photography Encompassed

Landscape and destination photography is a broad genre with a lot of methods and styles. Over the past year, Phase One has created a collection of great learning materials dedicated to the genre with the help of professional landscape photographers from around the world.

The 'Landscape Photography Encompassed' package includes all of these resources, as well as a handful of new ones, so that you have easy access to them wherever your photography takes you.

'Landscape Photography Encompassed' includes:
  • A Journey in Composition with Tony Hewitt and Christian Fletcher
  • Long Exposure in Depth with Paul Reiffer
  • Aerial Photography with Joshua Jensen-Nagle
  • Frame Averaging with the IQ4
  • A FREE set of Capture One Styles
  • Access to the January 14 webinar with Peter Eastway (additional registration required)

We know this isn't by any means an exhaustive package, but we do believe that it is a great set of resources that can help you learn or improve your images, and above all be inspired to get out and shoot!

Get out and shoot with new skills

The landscape photography package is free, but we ask for a little information about you so that we can continue to create relevant content, and so that we are able to let you know when we have new content available for you!