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Boost Your Productivity with a Wider Aerial Coverage


Phase One is proud to present iXM-RS150F as the company’s flagship full frame aerial metric camera with an image size of 150MP.

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The iXM-RS150F enables increased productivity for a range of aerial image acquisition projects as it provides wider aerial coverage compared to Phaseone’s previous generations which makes it the best choice for new mission types and assignments. The camera is designed with the innovative backside illuminated sensor to allow perfect image quality.
iXM-RS150F can be used standalone or as part of a multi-camera array for customized applications.
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RS Lenses
The camera is designed to fit one of the seven interchangeable RS lenses, ranging from 32mm to150mm and individually calibrated by Phase One.
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RS Leaf Shutter
The lenses’ integrated leaf RS shutter offers high capture speed of 2fps with a 1/2500 sec. exposure time for an array of flight conditions while enabling a capacity of 500K actuations.
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150MP Aerial System
A fully integrated Phase One 150MP Aerial System is available with either a single frame sensor for RGB imaging or a four-band Aerial System with dual frame sensors for RGB and NIR imaging.
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Partners' webpage 

For your convenience, all iXM-RS related marketing collateral is located in the links below*:

To access partners area go here: http://industrial.phaseone.com/dealers/dealers.aspx

There is a two-layer protection:

For the form in the page please use:

User: partner

Password: @29js$mr3%nfx

For the pop-up screen please use:

Username: industrial-partner

Password: Phaseone123

* Important Notice: The official launch date for the iXM-RS150F is set for August 28, 2018 at 13:00 CET. The iXM-RS150F landing page and movie will be available for viewing at the same date and time.

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